Indian Poker | Rules & How to Play the Forehead Card Game


“Indian Poker,” also known as “Blind Man’s Bluff” or “Heads-Up Poker,” is a simple and entertaining card game that doesn’t involve traditional Poker hands. It’s typically played for fun rather than gambling. Here are the rules and how to play the poker India card game:

Number of Players: Indian Poker is best suited for 3 or more players.

Objective: The goal of Indian Poker is to be the last player remaining in the game without revealing your own card to others.


  • Standard 52-Card Deck: Use a standard deck of playing cards with the Jokers removed.


  • Setup:
    • Shuffle the deck and have all players sit in a circle.
    • Each player should have an equal number of poker chips or coins to start the game.
  • Dealing:
    • One player, the dealer, is chosen to distribute the cards. The dealer doesn’t participate in the game and only facilitates the game.
  • Card Assignment:
    • The dealer assigns one playing card face-down to each player. Players should not look at their own cards but can hold them against their foreheads with the face-outward, so other players can see them.
  • Betting:
    • The game begins with a round of betting. Players make bets based on the card they can see on other players’ foreheads. They bet on whether they believe their own card is of higher rank than the cards they can see on others’ foreheads.
  • Reveal:
    • After the betting round, players reveal their cards by removing them from their foreheads. The player with the lowest-ranking card loses the round.
  • Winning Chips:
    • The player who had the lowest-ranking card must pay a predetermined number of chips to the pot. The amount of chips to be paid can be agreed upon at the start of the game.
    • If two or more players have the same lowest-ranking card, they split the pot equally among them.
  • Elimination:
    • The player who loses all their chips is eliminated from the game. The game continues with the remaining players.
  • Winner:
    • The game continues until only one player remains, or until players decide to end the game. The last remaining player is declared the winner.

Card Ranking:

  • In Indian Poker, card ranking is different from traditional Poker. Typically, the lowest card is considered the best in this game. For example, in a standard deck, the Ace is considered the lowest-ranking card.


  • In some variations, a player who receives a specific card (e.g., a King or Queen) on their forehead may be allowed to look at their own card before betting.

Indian Poker is a social and lighthearted card game that doesn’t require advanced poker skills. It’s a fun way to pass the time with friends and family, and it often leads to laughter and friendly banter as players try to guess the rank of their own cards based on others’ bets and reactions.

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